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Would you love to work from the comfort of your own home?
In your own space?

What about earning good money doing something that you are truly passionate about?

You can ditch the 9 - 5 merry-go-round!

Take family vacations when you want to instead of when your boss tells you?
Earn great money while having the flexibility of being at sports days and be able to pick your children up every day?

All you need is the internet, this course and join us in the rapidly growing number of entrepreneurs working from home.

A great Virtual Assistant IS in high demand - I was completely booked out in 3 months with my very own strategies. Stand out and get noticed with my Virtual Assistant Business Program and stop wishing and start doing!

I will teach you everything thing I KNOW....


I am just like YOU!

I had a wonderful career but when I become a mum and had two children of my own, I wanted more, I wanted to work where I had the flexibility to watch my children grow up and not spend all my money on childcare. I wanted to put my corporate knowledge to use and do something for me as well. I had no idea where to start but I called on everything I had been previously taught. Don't let people tell you "You Can't Have It ALL!".

I had absolutely no money to invest in a business, so it came apparent to me one day that in a world that has become increasingly flexible around working from home, I thought I have a phone, the internet and a laptop - And that was my starting point! And I have never looked back within 3 months I was earning incredible money and had so much work I needed to build a team. I truly believe that we as mothers can have our dream life of being at home, being a part of our children's lives and a career. This is why I created my Virtual Assistant Business Program - so you too can have what I have.

I will give you the skills, the knowledge and the tools to start and run a thriving virtual assistant business fast! With my easy to understand program you will learn step by step what you need and not all the fluff to run a successful business and profitable life you have always dreamt of.

Want to Know How YOU are going to do this?

Ok, so let's get into the nitty gritty..

CONTENT: This contains a mixture of videos, workbooks, templates and heaps of tips and tricks to help you get up and running straight away. These are all downloadable and you can use them at any time or go back for reference at a later date.

BONUS MATERIAL: I have added a whole lot of bonus material that I have used for opt-ins etc. to help you build a professional business that is going to have clients emailing you.

SUPPORT: You are going to have access to me and our group membership, to answer all questions you may have no matter how big or small. We also have our Q & A sessions once a week through the course as well.

PROVEN STRATEGIES: I will give you all my strategies that have been successful in my business and have given me the life I have now with a very successful business and a great lifestyle.

CONFIDENCE: I am going to encourage and support you because we as women have this amazing ability to be incredibly successful and run the ship at home really well. You may have doona days but I am going to be here to make sure that you get back up and keep being the brilliant entrepreneur I know you can be.



"Stop thinking and just do it. I thought about it for weeks and it was weeks that I wasn't making money. You will not regret it and you will end up with a VA business really quick. I know what I am doing and it makes sense with the help of Donna" - Katherine

"This program has not only helped me to set up and start my VA business it has also help me to work with clients that I want to work with not just anyone that comes through the doors. I had my first client within 2 weeks". - Liz

"OMG this program has truly changed my life. I was in a rut. I didn't know what I wanted to do but I know I didn't want to go back to work at my 9-5 ever again. Doing this program gives me the tools I needed to get started. I gave away my 9-5 job and have not looked back. I get to spend time on my business and my children. I don't think I have ever been this happy. And Donna is amazing, she is so understanding and passionate about helping mums like me." - Amy

Join our amazing Group of beauitful females who need to make their life easier with this membership!



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Everything you need to know to become a Rockstar VA Success Story  

More Bonus Training  

Facebook Support Community  

Modules that are planned out in order, templates, examples and so much more  

Access to me at any time...

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Hey, I'm Donna

I'm the owner of The Virtual Assistant Donna Marks. I am a mum of 2, wife and entrepreneur. I want to help women in particularly mums to build their dream life and have it all. Because I honestly believe that women are going to take over the world - because we can do it all!

My passion is to help mums just like you to create a beautiful successful businesses, that is profitable so you can have the life you have always dreamt of. My passion for mentoring flows from my human resources and management background and my own personal experience of taking the plunge and turning my thoughts into a successful thriving business that has allowed me to work from home with my children - I absolutely love this and would NOT have it any other way!

I hope that you can also feel my passion and energy to help other women and mums walk in my shoes. I look forward to working with you.

Donna x


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